Tips to stop the COVID snack trap

As time marches on in this mandated time at home, I am chatting with more and more people who are really struggling with snacking. We’re at home all day, we’re bored or more stressed with more family members constantly in the house, so our brain is looking for that instant gratification hit to make us feel like life is more interesting and enjoyable. Unfortunately, many of us are not reaching for carrot sticks to snack but chips and chocolates.

So, I have some tips for you to try so that we don’t come out the other end of COVID with some unhelpful habits!

1 – Treat your snack like a meal

Think about it, when we snack it’s usually while doing something else. We mindlessly eat while watching tellie or while working at the computer. This means we lose track of how much we have eaten and often means that instead of a few chips we can see the bottom of the packet once we’re done. 

So instead, set aside a snack time – a proper 5-10 min morning or afternoon tea-time. Then, sit down at a table and put your snack on a plate so you can see how much you will consume.

So much of our practice in yoga is about breathing mindfully, moving mindfully so why not transfer this practice to eating mindfully. Pay close attention to the taste of your food and really savour each mouthful!

2 – Stop eating taste trick

When you have the taste for the snackies and can’t seem to stopyou can brush your teeth. Those snacks you are dreaming about will surely taste a bit weird after the burst of minty toothpaste.

Best bit is, we are at home, so it’s easy to do this no matter what time of day it is. 

3- Don’t shop hungry

It’s easier to avoid the unhealthy snacks when they aren’t in the house to start with right?

So, when doing your weekly shop make sure you aren’t a little hungry and likely to purchase those sugary & salty snacks. Make a shopping list with the foods you actually need to make your meals and a few healthy snack ideas on it – AND STICK TO THE LIST

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