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December is a time we often look back over the year that was – the good, the bad, the triumphs and challenges! This year is a big one though as it’s the end of a decade! 

What were you doing this time 10 years ago?  I was a newlywed, working in a hotel while Jon and I searched for our first house to buy together. A lot has changed since then and we have really jumped at the chance to chase our dreams over the past decade which has taken us in and out of professions, starting businesses, meeting new people and travelling the world (oh, and we got that house).

I don’t know about you but for me in December, I think about the year but really leave my new year resolution thinking until December 31. In a half-hearted rushed sense, I sometimes think of the things I want to be different but try not to commit to them so that I won’t be disappointed if they don’t come about.

If you are similar to me – This year let’s take a different approach!

At Yoga Warriors we practice Asana (the yoga postures) each week, like tree pose or down dog, but there is more to yoga than this. Yoga also talks about observances – things for a healthier more wholesome life. 

One of these observances is Tapas which translates literally “to burn”. It’s about burning away or getting rid of bad habits and also about striving for new habits with passion and a fiery discipline.

Tapas is first learned on the mat by:

  • turning up to yoga on the days you feel tired because you know it will be better for your mental health; 
  • trying the yoga pose that you find tough and want to avoid; 
  • being brave and consistently practicing a demanding posture so you can go to the edge of a pose 

But Tapas is easily applied off the mat. The discipline we practice in yoga can help us in life’s challenges. We learn that persistence really can help us achieve those tougher poses that sometimes we fall and are unbalanced but we can get back up – the same with our big dreams!

Think for moment about your dreams, the picture of life that never seems to go away – the changes in your personal life, the changes in your job, the changes in exercise, the changes in diet, the changes with friends, the changes with getting out and meeting people, the changes to try that way out idea you have, the changes to challenge yourself physically, the changes with where you live – the list is endless……….

How many times have you heard no no no no no no no no for your big dreams? Don’t give up! Take the same persistent discipline you learn through yoga and keep banging down the doors until we find the YES!! When we go further in our yoga poses, we learn to burn away those unhelpful thoughts that tell you – ‘you can’t do this’, ‘you aren’t good enough.’ Instead, we feel Strong & Confident & Brave.

So, what is something you want to work towards with FIREY DISCIPLINE??? It can be a small change or the biggest scariest dream you have!!!

Maybe it’s getting rid of a habit that isn’t working for you?

Netflix time

Waking up late

Eating bad food

Drinking too much

Not getting out to meet people

Or maybe it’s something that you want to start

Running once a week

Signing up for your first triathlon

Learning to speak another language

Change careers

Start a business

Travel the world

Let’s set our tapas now and together we Yoga Warriors can support each other to make 2020 Extraordinary!!!

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